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Other Activities

'Conservation of birds of prey and falconry's heritage through education'.


Alula Falconry can provide interactive talks for groups / clubs / meetings. A selection of birds will accompany falconer, Judy Wrighte. Judy can talk about the history and art of falconry, training birds of prey, adaptations of birds of prey and their conservation. Judy has given many talks to college Animal Management and Veterinary Nursing students, as well as the RSPCA and the Fire Service on the care and handling of birds of prey, accompanied by presentations and practical handling. Alula Falconry has several years experience working with many different birds of prey in the fields of research and rehabilitation.  

Falconry Displays

Alula Falconry can provide a variety of birds of prey for displays at many events in Hampshire and other surrounding areas depending on location. A selection of the birds can be held for photographs and the falconer will be available to answer any questions. The aim of the display is to educate the public about falconry and its heritage and the conservation of birds of prey. A static display of the birds can also provide alternative models for photographic and art clubs.

Falconry Experiences

If you have ever wanted to get closer to these magnificant birds and learn a little more about them and the art of falconry, then why not try a falconry experience. The experience will start with a talk about each of the birds, followed by a handling session. You will then have the opportunity to fly a selection of these birds for yourself and observe the flight of a trained falcon. 

Beginning Falconry Award 

This award is designed to assess an individuals competence to keep a Raptor or Owl in a safe and healthy condition. The individual must be able to demonstrate that they have the necessary background knowledge as well as practical skills that this entails. Unit 1: Bird of prey management and husbandry and Unit 2: Basic falconry techniques are mandatory and both must be achieved to be awarded the Falconry Award. 

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