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About Alula Falconry

'Conservation of birds of prey and falconry's heritage through education'.

Alula Falconry is based in Hampshire and was set up in 2012 by Falconer, Judith Wrighte. Judy has been training and flying birds of prey since 2005 and is an Assessor for the award in Beginning Falconry in association with Lantra Awards and the Hawk Board. Judy also has two biological science degrees, a teaching qualification and has been fortunate to be involved in several research and rehabilitation projects with many different birds of prey. Judy is also the creator and driving force behind the 'Falconry For Schools Project', funded by the charity, The Countryside Alliance Foundation.

'My love and interest in birds is thanks to my Grandad, who would take my brothers and I on endless walks looking at the wildlife in the countryside. I wouldn’t say my Grandad knew a lot about the wildlife in the meadow, but he 'sparked' in me an appreciation for it and the feeling of freedom and excitement during those endless summer holidays. I owe a great deal to him and his memory.'

'Falconry has changed my life! Birds of prey have an awe-inspiring grace about them and they have a strangely calming influence. I often get asked what it is I love about falconry that makes me so completely and utterly obsessed with it (just ask my family and friends). It’s difficult to sum up but I think the falconer and author Tim Gallagher conjures up that feeling when he writes', ‘I can’t say why exactly, but something about falconry completely captured my passion and spirit and has held me enthralled ever since.’ ‘The first time I held a falcon on my glove, no other interest ever came close to competing with falconry.’ ‘The magical, intuitive bond that develops between a falconer and a trained raptor is a great attraction for me and is one of the things that keeps me getting up before dawn, day after day’ (Falcon Fever, 2008. Houghton Mifflin books).’ 

If you find bIrds of prey fascinating, then please take some time to visit the rest of the website and find out what Alula Falconry can offer. Please visit the facebook page too.